We are a BRAIN Group company

L.A. Schmitt has been part of the BRAIN Group since 2009. BRAIN Biotech AG, a leading European industrial biotechnology specialist, is the parent company of the Group. Next to first-class research and development services for industry customers to create bio-based products and processes, the Group distributes specialty B2B products, like enzymes or bioactive natural products. Own fermentation and production facilities in Continental Europe, UK and the US, together with the associated biotechnological solution competency complete the value chain within the group.

All BRAIN Group companies act as independent entities in the market, yet interconnect to synergize in R&D and production. L.A. Schmitt and BRAIN Biotech cooperate in the development of cosmetic products. In the BRAIN Biotech laboratories, bioactive ingredients can be identified, characterized and tested for their usability and stability in cosmetic products.

Together with our partners in the BRAIN Group we rely on biotechnology as a tool for a sustainable bio-economy and work towards the vision of creating a bio-based future.

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